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The Preaching Ministry
of Rev. Kevin Hoffman
Kevin's Conversion and Ministry
    Kevin was Senior Pastor at Garden City Church in Lima, OH from
November of 2009 through October of 2012. He has served in Christian
Education and Youth Ministry since 1996. He also maintains this internet
ministry, preaches anywhere the Gospel needs to be heard and studies for
his Masters of Divinity at The North American Reformed Seminary. 
    Other than a Baptist pre-school which I hardly remember there were only a handful of Christians
that I encountered before my conversion; In Jr. High I had a Christian friend who tried to teach me
Christian songs on the guitar, I don't remember him saying a word to me about his faith. I had a Cub
Scout leader who made me memorize John 3:16 to get a badge, but never explained its meaning to
me. In college I had a roommate who was a Christian, but I did more to corrupt him than he did to
witness to me. The only real Christian influence I had that was ever consistent was an aunt who
began her journey as a, sort of, Jesus Freak in the '70's. She and her husband modeled the Christian
life consistently from my childhood. Though they were not strong on theology, they were good folks,
very loving. They raised their children to love the Lord and they are all still walking with Him today.
     Without moral compass or spiritual concern, I waded through life for 27 years. Working hard and
playing hard as was the way of my peers. It was then that the Lord took the initiative to bring me to
Himself. I was a partner in a T-shirt shop when the Lord brought Rhonda into my life. She began to
work for my family in the T-shirt shop. One day I asked her out on a date and she accepted! She was
raised in a Christian home but was not walking with the Lord. We began our relationship with going
to the bar and immorality which was the cultural norm and which I thought was the way it was
supposed to be done. She tried to witness to me, but could not get past my predisposition that I was
a “good person.” She was not any different than I was at that point, so I didn't see where she was
going with all of that. In just a few months she became pregnant and things changed. I was a
heathen, but I was a responsible heathen. We quit going to the bar and I made sure that she had
what she needed to care for herself and the baby. She moved into my apartment so that I could take
care of her. It was during that time when we began going to see a friend of her family who would give
her foot massages that helped her with the water retention that was associated with her pregnancy.
This dear, elderly Christian woman would spend 45 minutes massaging her feet with arthritic hands
and then she would turn to me and tell me to get into the chair. She would spend another hour on
me, all the time telling me her testimony; how the Lord had saved her and taken away her temper
and her cussing. Between this, and a customer of mine who was printing shirts with John 3:3 in
them, I began to see myself less as a “good person,” and more as a sinner. Eventually, while under
the weight of responsibility for the life of my son and in the privacy of my own room, I surrendered my
life to the Lord. I began to read a Bible that my in-laws had given me. I trashed my pornography and
my heavy metal music and started listening to talk radio because I couldn't stand the sound of the
music I used to live for. I couldn't stand the taste of beer any longer and I disconnected the pirated
cable I had spliced into from my landlord. Most importantly I became convicted about my immorality
with Rhonda and as she came to see the change in me, we planned to get married and we ceased
that activity as well.
     Within a year I was working with 9-10 year-old boys in my church. Soon after that a man who I
was working with took the time to disciple me, meeting me at 5:30 in the morning for 18 weeks in a
row. He was dedicated to building me up in the faith. Within three years of my trusting Christ, my
Sunday School teacher decided he needed to quit teaching. The class I had been in was now in
danger of being disbanded. It was a pretty large church and would have probably gone unnoticed by
most of the people there. I felt, at that time, that the Lord was prompting me to teach. However, the
class had some people in it who had been saved longer than I had been alive. I went to my pastor
and told him what I was experiencing and he told me to go ahead and teach the class. After the first
lesson I was confronted by my former teacher's wife who told me that I wasn't teaching, I was
preaching. I was encouraged to continue and I taught the class for several years. As I was reading
my bible one day I felt the Lord provoke me through Ezekiel 3. I believed that the Lord was calling
me to proclaim the truth of His Word to His people, yet that there were many who did not want to
hear it. I kind of treasured that in my heart, as Mary did the things that the angel said to her. I
assumed the role of teaching and was soon given opportunities to preach, mostly at rescue missions.
I also did some pulpit fill, especially as I came to Mt. Pleasant Bible Church where I became an elder.
This calling had been made apparent to my wife, my pastor and the rest of my church. It was also
apparent to many whom that Lord has given me to mentor. In 2009, The Lord directed me into “full-
time” pastoral ministry, calling me to Garden City Church. I served there for three years, faithfully
preaching, teaching and shepherding that flock.
     At this point in my life I cannot see myself not in service to my Lord and Savior. I believe that He
has gifted me and given me the opportunities to exercise these gifts and has confirmed the call
through my local assembly as they saw fit, with a council of local pastors, to ordain me in July of
2006. This was in part because I had been asked to pastor a church plant which I did from March of
2006 - March of 2008. That call was also recognized by the Ohio Council of the Christian Union in
September of 2012 as they recognized my ordination.
    My life continues to be encompassed by the study and proclamation of God's Word as I am now in
search of another pastoral position. I have never sought move without The Lord’s clear leading. It
has been my focus to deepen my ministry and allow God to expand it.  I am presently carrying a 4.0
GPA while enrolled at The North American Reformed Seminary. Self study has engendered in me
personally a love of learning that was not present before I knew Christ and has fostered a thirst for
knowledge for the love of that knowledge rather than a set of credentials.
    This website is a testimony to what the Lord has done in me and in my family since He saved me
nearly twenty years ago.